2020 XTERRA Adventures: Episode 4 - DREAM DESTINATIONS

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To compete in XTERRA is to experience some of the most spectacular locations on earth. With hundreds of events across five continents from Tahiti to Taiwan, XTERRA’s racing calendar serves as a trail map to adventure for intrepid triathletes and trail runners looking to discover the planet.
“XTERRA athletes are outdoor adventurers, explorers in the first degree,” explains XTERRA President Janet Clark. “What they find at these off-the-beaten track locations is that maybe nobody speaks their language, but they do share the same passion and love for sport and nature.”

In this episode of XTERRA Adventures viewers will be inspired by raw nature as they experience the sports’ “dream destinations” known for their ancient man-made structures and natural wonders, from a Renaissance-era town in the Bohemian Forest to the Tequila countryside in central Mexico.

“I think what’s keeping me racing XTERRA is to travel all around the world and new places, meet new people, new traditions, new cultures, new food,” says former Olympian Fabiola Corona. “We love to travel, we are adventure travelers, and adventure seekers, and XTERRA is perfect for that.”

Sam Osborne, an elite racer from New Zealand who explored the XTERRA Planet extensively en route to winning the Asia-Pacific and Pan American Tour titles over the past few seasons, says the experiences are incomparable.

“It takes you to places you really wouldn't go on your travels normally, so it feels so much more real, like you’re getting to see a real side of these countries that you're going to,” he says.

While each race offers up its own unique set of sights and challenges, there is one constant … the people.

“XTERRA is like one big global family and an adventurous “Live More” spirit unites the community,” says Clark.

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