5 Ways to Tell If You're Chatting with a Bot

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Technology has brought us a lot of wonderful things, such as ordering a pizza with a single button, or receiving text alerts -- about how close your pizza is. However, not everything is sunshine and pizzas in the digital age.

Once upon a time, you could say with confidence that the person you were talking to is, well, an actual person. That's no longer the case as robocalls and chatbots, computer programs designed to simulate human interaction over the phone or on the web, are more common than ever, and getting more sophisticated every day.

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- Since bots don’t need to sleep, they can spend all night spamming your feed with suspiciously similar posts. So, if one account is posting comments 24/7 365, you've probably got a bot on your hands.
- If they’re posting the exact same comment all the time and every single one has a link to the same website, you probably have a bot on your hands.
- Chatbots may be complicated machines, but they’re still just machines. Creative thinking isn’t exactly their forte, or their pommel either.
- Bots pick words out of comments posted by real humans and run them through an algorithm to select the appropriate response.
- If you're ever not sure what you're dealing with, you can try asking them a series of very similar questions.
- Bots often don't know what to do with jokes and have no understanding of context or the nuance of social interaction.
- Since humans are big on oversharing, you can probably guess that bots aren’t that into it. Most websites that allow users to leave public comments require them to register an account.
- The automatic responses bots give out tend to be chock full of keywords. Those keywords attract other bots, whose responses attract more bots.
- Even when things don’t escalate that far, bots still love to follow each other around. Particularly nefarious programmers will go as far as creating bots specifically to upvote the comments of their other bots.
- A bot is a bot, and even when the programmers try to be subtle, they tend to fixate on one topic exclusively.
- Hearing about all this, you might get the impression that all chatbots are bad. That isn't the case, and many serve useful functions.

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