A day in the life of me... (online school edition) |Aiden Taylor|

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In this video I had my last day of online school before I have to go back to regular school, and just did some random stuff so I decided to film it for this weeks video. I seriously apologize for this weeks video being posted so late, but I have some great things coming that I have been working on so stay tuned for my next video to hear more. I also apologize about the length of this vid, but I wanted to show you guys literally everything I do in a day. If you guys like these longer videos, please let me know. Also drop ANY video ideas in the comments and I'll definitely consider. Please support me and help me out because I put so much time and effort into my videos. Also guys, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR 20 SUBSCRIBERS, it means a lot. I hope to continue growing as I am right now, so please continue to support me on my YouTube journey.

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