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Part two soon? I hope you guys enjoyed this q and a and will have more in the future! This can also be a training time type of video but I just thought that a q and a would be fun but feel free to train along with me as I go through the questions in the video! Have the best day starfam!

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Q and a part two?


Hello Everyone and welcome back to yet another Star Stable Online Video (SSO)!
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•SSO Name: Margaret Sharkblanket
•SSO Server: Pumpkin Meadow
•Level: Currently Level 20
•Recorder/Editor: Check Out This
•Discord: Don't Currently Have
•When Are You Live: I Livestream
Every Saturday At 10 AM EST
•Can We Meet Up In SSO? Sadly,
I Cannot Do Individual Meetups,
But If You Ever See Me Feel Free
To Say Hi, Also During Livestreams! :)

Ask Any More Questions In The Comments Below!

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