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I get asked often: "Where did you get all this stuff?" My goal is to share the real magic of science and physics- and to this end I will update here (and in my store) suggestions on where to get some of these toys, kinetic art pieces, and scientific curiosities for yourself.
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This video contains :

00:00 Intro

00:03 Fused Optical Fiber Inverter: image conduit with a twist! Each tiny optical fiber acts as a pixel of the transmitted image- and here you can see that the bundle of fibers has been twisted 180 degrees to invert the image without using lenses.

00:19 Fused Optical Fiber Magnifier: magnification without lenses. Produced by heating and stretching a piece of fused optical fiber bundle- each individual fiber is stretched and thinned so that the fiber ends on one side are smaller than the other, allowing an image to be magnified (or shrunken) with each fiber providing one "pixel" of the image.

00:34 Fused Optical Fiber Image Conduit: this cylinder is made of one million fiber optic channels per square centimeter, each fiber providing one "pixel" of the transmitted image. Each fiber has a core of clear glass encased in a thin shell of glass with higher refractive index- but each is only 10 micrometers in diameter. This conduit contains over 6 million such fibers!

01:07 Pharaoh Hollow Mask Illusion: this ceramic lamp features a concave image lighted from the bottom, which appears as a regular convex image via this vintage version of the hollow face illusion. An amazing feature of such an inverted image mask is that King Tut appears animated, and seems to always be looking in the direction of the viewer. Spooky physics and psychophysics for Halloween!

01:39 Newton's Rings: the result of constructive and destructive interference of light waves when a convex lens is put in contact with a flat sheet of glass. This apparatus allows for compression of the two pieces of glass. Note that large pressure increases lead to distortions in the radial symmetry- the ring pattern can be used to check for slight defects when grinding/making lenses. Sir Isaac Newton is credited with formulating the correct equations to describe the spacing and thickness of the concentric lines of light and dark.

01:54 Spiranetics Kinetic Toy

2:30 Diamagnetic Levitation: a small neodymium magnet is suspended above a plate of diamagnetic pyrolytic graphite. The weak diamagnetic repulsion of the plate needs the pull of the magnet on top to overcome gravity for the tiny magnet.

02:46 Unstable Equilibrium Pen Holder: the center of mass of pen + stand is directly above base of stand.

02:58 Actual moon rock from Apollo 17 on display at Academy of Science (San Francisco astronomy)

03:06 eyeMo Linear Zoetrope

03:38 Zoetrope: the physics and psychophysics of motion animation- still images flashed in rapid succession produces the illusion of motion through persistence of vision. The slits are crucial to creating the illusion by blacking out the visual stimulus for a short duration- without these pauses only a blur is perceived. When the image flash rate is above the flicker fusion frequency (approximately 16Hz) we perceive fluid motion- the basis for all movies and TV.

04:06 Micro-Hoverboard: diamagnetic levitation technology- although Marty McFly would have to be three inches tall to ride this hoverboard. Made from printed paper and pyrolytic graphite with concentric circular neodymium magnet array. The magnetic rings alternate between north and south magnetic poles in just the right way to trap this special type of graphite. Pyrolytic graphite has strong diamagnetic properties such that it develops an opposite (but weak)magnetic field when in the presence of a magnetic field from another source. Swipe to see the graphite pieces levitating individually.

04:48 Diamagnetic Mini Hoverboard

05:08 @physicsfun Special Dice ????

05:11 RPSLK Dice

06:00 Spherical Dice

06:19 60 Sided Die

06:32 Go First Dice

06:47 Skew Dice

Cosmic Rays in Cloud Chamber @exploratorium: With special thanks to the Exploratorium!
Exploratorium museum in San Fransisco, USA that features the physics and psychophysics of vision and perception.

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