ASSASSIN'S BULLET!! | Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 8 Breakdown

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This video explains episode 8 of Attack on Titan season 4, in which Gabi gets her revenge and Reiner’s armoured titan takes a final stand against Eren. This episode was called ‘Assassin’s Bullet’ and included the epic reveal of Zeke Yaeger secretly working with Paradis island AGAINST Marley. The identity of the soldier who trapped Pieck and Porco is also revealed and her connection to Zeke seems to be important.

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AOT S4 episode 8 was called Assasin’s bullet. The opening scene showed us the return of the armoured titan, as Reiner reluctantly came back from the brink of death to try and save Porco. His armored titan was taking a much longer time to manifest it’s armor, so Reiner had a lot of bare flesh that just wasn’t protected. Reiner briefly fights Eren but loses the battle, however he was still able to grab the jaw titan and prevent him from being eaten by the Attack Titan.

Having now repaid Gallaird for saving his life back at fort slava, Reiner collapses to the ground, whilst Eren and Mikasa hitch a ride onto the airship. The reason he’s being restrained by Levi is because the attack on Marley was Eren’s idea and the scouts were forced to go along with it because without Eren they have no future. That’s why Hange was upset at Eren later in the episode because Eren went off to do his own thing in Marley, hoping that his friends would bail him out.

Various scouts begin to get onboard, but one person who stays out a bit longer is the former commander Lobov. Now that he knows there Is a world outside Paradis island, Lobov resigned from his position as a commander in the Garrison and joined the survey corps to make a real difference. Floch Forster is another character that has drastically changed during the time skip, as beforehand he was a coward by his own admission but nowadays he is a full on Eldian soldier, who went out of his way to maximise damage to Marley during this mission.

Down on the ground Gabi continues to follow the airship having set out to chase it during the opening scene, but falco follows behind her in an attempt to make her stop. Unlike Gabi, Falco’s brainwashing from Marley has been slightly undone thanks to the wise words of Mr Yaeger, as he understands that eldians from paradis are retaliating for what was done to them and that all eldians are the same no matter where they were born.

Once they made it onto the airship, Gabi quickly takes aim at at Sasha, and gets her revenge. Potato Girl was a character that we’ve known since the early days of this series, and we saw how she grew into one of the bravest and most reliable soldiers the scouts have. One thing that never changed even in this episode, was her relentless obsession with all things food, so much so that her last word was literally meat.

Moving on, a recovering Pieck finally begins to remember details about that Marlyean soldier who trapped her underground. The soldiers name is Yeleana and she was part of the very first group of ships that was sent to check out Paradis 3 years ago. She is a follower of Zeke.

Whatever Zeke and Eren have planned, anything is possible now that they have the founding titan and a titan of royal blood. The last time this occurred, Eren was able to use the full power of the founding titan. By having that power to start the rumbling, the islands safety should be guaranteed.

Going back to Sasha’s death, the reaction of Armin and Mikasa was a great depiction of genuine grief, which is something attack on titan has always done well. Jean points out that this was a direct consequence of Eren going rogue by himself and Whilst Eren is clearly hurt, he lets out a pained laugh at hearing her final words. The word meat reminded him of that funny memory before the battle of Trost, when Sasha essentially risked getting locked up by stealing meat from the officers Pantry. It was a wholesome memory that is literally just classic Sasha and I feel Eren really just didn’t really know how to react, especially knowing that he is responsible for what happened.
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