Attending FOUR MLB GAMES in ONE DAY at two stadiums!! (Citi Field & Yankee Stadium)

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Ready for a historic day of baseball? The Mets and Yankees BOTH played doubleheaders in NYC (that almost never happens) and I attended all four games!

The Mets faced the Colorado Rockies, and thankfully they played a quick first game. That allowed me to stick around for a few innings of Game 2 before rushing out to the subway and traveling from Queens to the Bronx. How long did that take? How many innings did I see there in the first game? How many home runs did the Yankees and Toronto Blue Jays hit? How many baseballs did I snag? What did I eat? Which Hall of Famer's jersey did I autograph? Not surprisingly things were much rowdier at Yankee Stadium, but the whole day was super fun from beginning to end.

As promised, here's another video that I did (in 2017) at two stadiums in one day:

I also kinda did it again in 2019:

Following that pattern, I'm right on pace to have done it again. These FOUR games in New York City all took place on May 27, 2021. Want to guess how many hours it took me to edit this video? Here's a hint: A LOT!! So I hope you enjoyed it. Thanks for watching and get ready for three vids from a stadium I haven't visited for two years.
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