BTS Jin was SAD when He FAILED to ATTEND His Own GRADUATION! (His Members Got His Back)

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Hi Kisses. How's everyone? I've been very busy lately with all the school-related activities and I know that I will get busier once the school officially starts next week. Haist. I'm not yet ready to be stress in school works and have a little time to watch my favorite Kpop idols and dramas. Since school opening is coming, I just want to tell y'all that I might not be able to upload videos regularly. I really have to balance my studies, my work, and being a youtube so please bear with me. I'm doing this for my family and I's future so I really have to work hard.

Going back to the video. I've been searching for Jin oppa's graduation before and good thing I got the chance to find it once again. I know that due to the pandemic, a lot of students weren't able to attend their own graduation. If you're one of those, I understand that you are sad. However, you are not alone. Even before this pandemic occurs, BTS Jin was not able to attend his own graduation. Why? I don't really want to spoil the content of my video but just to give you an I would just say that he chose to be selfless and do what's best for his group. Yes. He is indeed a selfless man. He put others first before himself and for that's the best characteristic that a person can ever have. I can really see sadness and his eyes and I felt the need to sit beside him and thank him for being the best 'Hyung' BTS can ever have.

Okay. That's it for my short description. I hope that you'll watch the whole video.
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Congratulations for continuously BREAKING RECORDS our Bangtan Sonyeondan! You deserve it. All the hard work, the blood, the sweat, and the tears are all worth it. Please continue shining together. I'm looking forward for more years of happiness and success with you. I love you. Borahae~~~

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Annyeong~~~ Nyeongan~~~

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Hugs and Kisses,
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