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Enable Carl bot's Suggestions feature and easily setup your Discord server, create custom embedded tags, and steal Discord server embedded messages' source with Carl bot!

Carl is a super powerful Discord bot with a ton of features. If you haven't installed Carl bot in your Discord server yet, you should definitely do that! The more I use Carl bot, the more I want to use Carl bot - it's a definite must have for your Discord server.

This Video titled "Carl bot - a Discord Suggestions bot with Tags, Embeds and more" is a How To Discord series video which will show you some of the interesting features available in Carl bot.

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00:00 What's this about?
00:18 Enable Suggestions
01:29 Embed Builder Intro
02:52 Creating the Feedback embed
07:28 How to steal embeds
08:20 Edit and post stolen embeds
09:50 Come join us!

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