Chinese company releases ‘robot dog army’ video, makes people think about the end of humanity

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Good boys? Bad boys? Or intent-on-global-domination boys?

Chinese company Unitree Robotics tweeted a video showing an ‘army’ of its black robotic dogs moving in unison to the Imperial March from Star Wars (we've had to alter the music for Disney copyright reasons).

‘The Force Awakens. Everyone, help count how many?’ it wrote.
Its marketing team may have misread the room because, rather than marveling at the engineering, people commented more on the end-of-humanity vibes.

Unitree tried to row back on this by releasing a second video in which one of its other robot dogs – a much more colorful one – defeats its black dog in a bout of robot doggy wrestling before doing some cute somersaults.

Which means what? That the only way to defeat robot dogs is to build more robot dogs?

We’re screwed.

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