Crappie Fishing - Slow Trolling Mid-Depths - 5/9 iFishMN

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Slow trolling/dragging can be a great way to find fish when you don't quite have them dialed time of year the location can vary greatly depending on the recent and current weather.

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I have a passion for fishing, and fish year round. I started this channel to share my fishing experiences. Unlike many channels, you wont see advertising, so if I tell you about a lure or product, its because I actually use it and like it, I am not paid for it. I keep it simple and fun, I do not go on far away trips to special lakes to catch huge fish for videos, I fish the awesome lakes right here within a 30 minute drive from downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota. I mainly target Northern Pike, Bass, & Walleye, but will sometimes hit up the Crappies, Bluegill, and maybe even some Muskies!

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