DARK Season 3 Episode 3 Review “Adam and Eva" | Netflix Final Season | Recap & Breakdown

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Dark Season 3, the final season, has been released on Netflix! Gil and Alon break down the third episode (no spoilers for anything beyond episode 3 of the season).

The season continues to be awesome. It does a fantastic job blending human drama with hardcore sci-fi. What were your thoughts on the episode? Let us know in the comments!

0:30 Prime World - Mid-1800s - Child Tannhaus
2:42 Prime World - 1888 - Older Tannhaus
3:43 Prime World - 1888 - Older Jonas
8:35 Alt World - 2019 - Young Jonas
17:44 Alt World - 2019 - Ulrich, Charlotte, and Hannah
26:25 Alt World - 2019 - Younger Alt-Martha
31:33 Prime World - 2053 - Young Alt-Martha
33:40 Alt World - 2053 - Young Jonas and Younger Alt-Martha

Need a reminder of what happened in seasons 1 and 2? Check out my epic 2-hour recap!

We’ll be covering the rest of the season and will be scheduling a live stream soon to discuss the season as a whole. So make sure to subscribe and join in the conversation as we dissect this amazing show!

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