Dawn of War 2 - Faction Wars 2020 | Space Marines vs Tyranids #10

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This game was played during the Monthly Faction War event on 11 July. For more info on the MFW and other events, check the forums.

+ Elite Mod

Noisy | Space Marines [Force Commander]
The Tenso | Space Marines [Techmarine]
Bruce Campbell | Space Marines [Force Commander]
RedRe Venge | Tyranids[Ravener Alpha]
yz | Tyranids [Lictor Alpha]
AssMan | Tyranids [Hive Tyrant]

A vast Imperial water processing facility sees a pivotal battle in the efforts of Astartes to repel a Tyranid invasion. The Emperor's Finest are deployed in numbers to deny an area being used to digest biomatter for the xenos. It is hoped that driving the Tyranids off here may make them pull back and head to an uninhabited planet to replenish their numbers; buying time for more reinforcements ready their inevitable return.

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