Delhi | Daughter Shows Her Last WhatsApp Chats After Losing Father To COVID | Oxygen Shortage

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A daughter lost her father in a hospital in the national capital due to oxygen shortage. While speaking to Mojo Story, she said: “My father passed away due to a cardiac arrest after his oxygen levels fluctuated. He was on 15 litres of oxygen per minute. We had admitted him in the hospital but there was oxygen shortage here and he is no more.” Though the hospital authorities have claimed that they had 2 hours of extra oxygen with them, one of the family members of the daughter said that despite the fact that we provided them an oxygen cylinder, the hospital couldn’t save him. The grieving daughter also said that, “My father had sent an SOS on Whatsapp saying that there is no oxygen left in the hospital and I asked him not to worry as we and the hospital are making arrangements for the same. But when they reached the hospital, the hospital authorities said there is oxygen available but my father passed away.”

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