Devil May Cry 5 -【Mod Showcase Bundle IX】

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The longest mod list & duration of the mod bundles I have made, and thanks to RockTex for helping me out on some clips (sorry had to replace one clip you already made :harold:)

Also, vid is suppose to be 1440p to force vp9 codec but Vegas keeps throwing it up, after like like 3 retries of rendering & the rendering takes 6 hours i'm sticking to 1080p for now ;_;.(also i'm sticking to more consistent solo showcases after this)

tldr: rendering the video was a mess

Mods -

Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition (not actually Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition) - - youwereeatenbyalid
Master Sword - -galenhy
Nero's gun sword from DMC5SE for DMC5 - - DigitalJoshie
Replacing Stingers with SF Helm breaker - - Dinocrusher
Bury The Light M20 - - Danneawesome
Bury the Light as DLC Track - - KickDemonAss
Devil Bonus BGM (Devils Never Cry Remix) as DLC Track - - MrNiggles
Bloody Island - - keyofdarkness55
Bloodier Bloody - thezippotm
Dante demon eyes (glow) - - Daigron
Feather Blade EX effects - - Lidemi
Lidemi's Void Mods -
Nero Coatless - - Vainiuss1
Nero's Face - - galenhy
DMC3 Inspired Dante - - Trevyler
DMC1 coat on DMC5 Dante - - ThinRedPaste
Hellboy MOD - - evilmaginakuma
NoWay Esports - (Coming soon) - RockTex/Creyline
Rose Vergil (Hard af to fight btw, killed my ass a lottt) - (Tease) - Rose Muramasa
Soulless Nero - - Creelien
DMC1 Lighting M20 - - Daigron
Free Camera/Animated Camera - - Fransbouma/Dany
Siyan Collab Table - - Siyano

If anyone or a modder wants their mod to be showcased or wants it in a next bundle just dm me on discord or comment in the yt section or something

Special Edition in the thumbnail by Kyo -

Music -
dodo dance
Bury The Light
Bury The Light
Bury The Light
Bury The Light
Bury The Light
Bury The Light
Bury The Light
Bury The Light
Bury The Light
Bleach Storm Center
Invasion Metal Version by Ranbrid
Devil May Cry 5 OST - Devil Trigger Dual Mix (Original + Remix Cover by Vetrom) -
Lock & Load HR/HM
Doom Eternal Ancient Gods OST - Blood Swamps
AC2 - Venice Rooftops
Bleach OST - Clavar La Espada
Crown the Empire - Wake Me Up

Timestamp -

0:00 - DMC5SE
0:25 - Master Sword
1:04 - SF Helmbreaker on Stinger
1:29 - Nero's Gunsword from DMC5SE
1:53- Feather Blade FX
4:04 - Bloodier Bloody Palace
5:29 - Bloody Island
6:24 - Bury The Light DLC Track
8:20 - Bury The Light M20
10:49 - Devil Bonus BGM DLC Track
12:15 - Coatless Nero
14:32 - DMC3 Inspired Outfit for Dante
17:23 - Nante
20:07 - DMC1 Coat on DMC5 Dante
22:12 - Hellboy
26:34 - NoWayEsports
29:56 - Dante Demon Eyes
32:30 - Rose Vergil Tease

Tags (dont mind and show me your motivation) -

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