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Welcome to The Late Brake Show. When is a Ferrari 250 GTO not a Ferrari 250 GTO? When it was built over 15 years (back in the 1990s) using parts of crashed other Ferraris. And when it is twice the power of the original 250 GTO, which still remains the world's most valuable car (the last one selling in 2018 at auction for $70 million).

Jonny borrows owner and builder Will Tomkins' (co-owner of ) Ferrari 'speciale', which was born from buying hand made alloy bodyshell, a modified chassis of a fire damaged Ferrari 400i and the V12 of a 575 Maranello. The latter would have had 515bhp when new in 2002, but Will modified the throttle bodies, ditched the emissions exhaust system and spent time dyno tuning it to produce 601bhp - twice the power of an original 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO!

Stop. It's time for The Late Brake Show.

Is this a recreation? Is it a replica? We call it the ultimate Ferrari hot-rod, with the looks of a 1960s racer but the 210mph performance of a millennium Modena product. Will built it to use and abuse, so Jonny drove the car on road and then on track (airstrip - he couldn't afford Silverstone) to breathe in the emissions and fever of a properly sorted race-bred resto-mod.

Thanks to Project Heaven for letting Jonny burn through 130 litres of super unleaded in under 100 miles for the purposes of video content.

This car is for sale for a fraction of what an original 250 GTO would cost you:

Ferrari 400i 'Speciale'
Chassis: Ferrari 400i tube frame, shortened, stiffened
Chassis number: F101CL23457
Bodywork: All-alloy hand made 250 GTO, 4-in wider arches
Engine: 2002 5748cc Ferrari 575 Maranello V12
Power: 601bhp @ 7000rpm
Torque: 451lb ft @ 7000rpm
Top Speed: 205mph
Transmission: 6-speed manual Ferrari 575M transaxle
Suspension: Solid bush Ferrari 365 GT4 with splined hubs
Colour: Giallo Fly
Built by:

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Filmed by: Matty Graham @ Pixel Click
Edited by: Mark Hankins - @Inksharkman - InkShark Studio
Thumbnail by: Matt Tarrant Design

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0:00 Intro
0:53 That noise
1:20 The most expensive car in the world
2:38 Restomod? Replica? Recreation? Speciale?
2:50 The owner/builder explains
3:43 Ferrari 400 chassis donors story
5:13 V12 engine from a
5:30 ...with some mods. 600bhp.
6:05 For sale!
7:20 Donuts
7:40 Feel of controls
8:17 Fuel stop
9:09 Gearbox from a 575 Maranello
9:47 Most 250 GTOs you see are not real.
11:25 A big thank you
12:00 0-60 run
12:22 Tech Spec
13:00 The bonnet trumpet story
15:50 Brakes
16:45 Ferrari 400 chassis
17:04 Stuck behind an OAP Civic
17:23 Weight
17:42 Quarter mile time
19:05 Fast run #1
20:15 Silly tyre smoke
20:30 Full chat through gears.
22:00 Cockpit chat
22:52 Fast run #2
23:40 160mph. Easily.
25:05 Subscribe.

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