Elliot Wins A Hacker Tournament | Mr. Robot

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With the power still out, she takes him to an underground hacker tournament with fiber connections. He shuts the backdoor into E Corp, but Dark Army agents force them to leave.

Season 3 Episode 1 ""
Zhang intends for Elliot to die once his work for the Dark Army is complete. In a panic that Elliot might die, Tyrell calls used car salesman and Dark Army agent Irving. Elliot wakes up a week later in a room with Angela. He finds the firmware hack building empty. Darlene shows up and pumps him for information, but he lies and says Tyrell was never involved. Irving shakes their FBI tail and Elliot thinks he has called off Stage 2. Thinking his revolution made things worse, he asks Angela for a job at E Corp to fix things. That night, Mr. Robot emerges and Angela takes him to work with Irving and Tyrell, creating another way to advance Stage 2. Angela plans to manipulate Elliot along like Mr. Robot does, believing in Whiterose's plan to undo everything E Corp has ever done and create a new world.

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