Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 | Where Does it End?

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We review the new and most powerful Mustang ever, Shelby GT500. With a price tag of around $90,000 the insanity of the horsepower wars continue. We talk with Ford Engineers to deliver all of the technical details and more to make this one of the more detailed videos on the car. If you want to try and drive this before buying you can hit up @xtremexperiences to scratch that itch. We will be working with them on future videos. To get a discount use code: PREMIUMGEESE
We get ZERO kickbacks from this FYI. Regardless this car has a similar price to a Corvette C8, Porsche GT4, Lexus LC500 and several more.

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00:00 - 01:05 Intro
01:05 - 2:40 Interior Impressions
2:40 - 10:13 Cooling, Suspension, and Transmission Mechanicals
10:13 - 13:49 Brakes, Tires, Differentials
13:49 - 19:49 Engine, Aero and Other Engineering
19:49 - 23:29 Driving Impressions
23:29 Final Thoughts
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