Garry's Mod Easter Eggs And Secrets #16

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Easter Eggs, secrets and crazy findings in Garry's Mod (GMOD) custom (workshop) maps: episode 16 (second episode of the second season)

In this episode we will discover a crazy party room featuring Henry Stickmin himself and we will get the chance to become one of the strongest badasses ever: Thanos! We will also pimp the truck, reveal dark secrets of the creepy manor, fly the tardis, party with aliens and many more!

Background Music:
Creepy Ambience: Valve Ambient Soundtrack Mix (Half-Life 2 Portal)
Techno Music: Custom track #1
Fast Music: Custom track #2

Player Skin: Among Us Impostor

The List:

01. Diamonds + Secret Room + Henry Stickmin + Thanos

02. Shotgun
03. Alien Message
04. Hidden Room
05. Falling Skeleton Jumpscare
06. Radio Song

07. Flying Tardis (Dr Who Reference)
08. Map Creator's Room
09. Deadly Book
10. Interesting Books

11. Super Truck

12. UFO Party + Macarena Dance
13. Hidden Rooms

14. Statue
15. Self Repairing Glass
16. Monty Python
17. Bill Nye
18. Movie Posters

19. Secret Object
20. Headcrab's Room

Thank you for watching! Stay tuned for more episodes and more Easter Eggs, secrets and crazy maps in Garry's Mod!
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