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Stimulus rent assistance: I break down how to get rent assistance in every available state.

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New Stimulus Bill - Rent Assistance:
In the massive 5,600 page bill there is a section covering housing assistance for millions of Americans.

This could not come soon at the start of December around million adult renters reported that they are behind on their rent payments. Millions more are saying they will struggle making their next payment.

Because of this and because these bills are so much work to read I thought I would take the time to dive deeper into this area and really see what they are offering, where it is lacking, and what it means for those out there struggling.

Rent moratoriums:

Currently the national moratorium is based on an old public health law from 1944 used to curb the spread of a pandemic, essentially the thought process is the more homeless people there are the faster the pandemic can spread and those who are homeless are at much higher risk of getting sick.

President Trump signing the latest COVID relief bill extended the national moratorium until January 31st.

There’s this double edged sword here where landlords need to make their money, and renters who are forced out of jobs still need a home.

To add to the mess there hasn’t been a program to pay landlords and establish some kind of payment system for renters to get back on until now!

The new rent assistance as part of the stimulus relief bill establishes a fund where both renters and landlords can get paid.

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^check this then try call 211 or 311

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Housing Shelters

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Rent assistance Georgia
Rent assistance Idaho
Rent assistance Nevada

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