Godzilla and His Little Sister Vs SCP 682 (Godzilla Comic Dub) (SCP Foundation Comic Dub)

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Godzilla and his little sister Chiisai meet SCP 682, after Chiisai tries to adopt him as a pet, but 682 is not ok with this at

Thanks for Pinksandi for helping me with the art for this video, they are amazing go check out there Twitter and Instagram!

Godzilla, Baragon, Dystroyah, Behemoth, Gigan, Monster X, King Ghidorah, Barb, and Battra played by me! (Yeah I play allot of my characters lol)

Thanks to Kat for playing Biollante, Chiisia follow her here:

Thanks to Sky for palying Mothra, follow her here:

Thanks to Mike for playing Rodan, follow him here:

Check out the other Godzilla comic dubs here:

Working on some awesome projects so just stay tuned I know the work will be worth it once it comes out, its not exactly art but hey its my art!! I hope you all are excited for it like I am, this project means allot to me, and I have put so much work into puppet Godzilla/Godzilla Puppet. But until I get that going enjoy plenty more Godzilla, Steven Universe, Steven Universe Future, My Hero Academia, and some Gravity Falls projects coming soon! Thank you all for the support over the past 6 months, and remember you have to "Risk It For The Biscuit"

Also Among Us Puppets episode one coming very very soon!

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"Darkest Child var A" by Kevin MacLeod ()
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