How Glam&Gore used James Charles, Jeffree Star & Black community: why I'm DONE with Mykie *receipts

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This is one of the hardest things I've ever done, and I hope you guys understand why I had to share my truth about why I'm no longer friends with Mykie (Glam&Gore) and my experience with her over the last several years, and long time manipulation. This also involves James Charles, Jeffree Star, the black community, accountability, and very difficult realizations.

Please listen all the way through before making any assumptions.

This has been such a difficult time and something I've never shared before, but after feeling so confused and alone with this for so long, and almost complicit with my silence, it was breaking me inside. I felt like I could no longer be authentic with you guys or continue to fight for our communities if I wasn't willing to stand up for myself no matter how hard.

Please be kind and respectful to everyone, and do not send any hate anywhere. This is just my story and my truth.

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The Trevor Project:
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Thank you for listening, I hope with an open heart and mind. I know this will be difficult for some to hear and you're allowed to feel how you feel. Just know that I appreciate all of you for listening, for standing up for our communities, and for being who you are.

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