IMC present OKO - sonic adventures in studio as part of Jazz Connective 2020

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This intimate access to OKO's recording session is all about exploration and experimentation for this 4 piece Dublin-based band, created exclusively for Jazz Connective, Lyon edition, as part of the 18 month long pan-European project.

OKO actively 'use the studio' while still capturing the raw energy of group improvisation. To do this they use sequencers, driven by various stochastic and chance elements, to create a somewhat unpredictable framework to improvise within.

They deconstruct these structural elements through improvisation to create a musical narrative, and then reuse the initial generative sequences to trigger hardware synthesizers and drum machines to further enhance the recordings, adding another layer of structure to the music.

OKO was borne out of a number of collaborations between guitarist Shane Latimer, keyboardist Darragh O’Kelly, percussionist Shane O’Donovan and turntablist DJackulate (Jack McMahon).

The group improvises around skeletal compositions, drawing on a wealth of influences such as krautrock, vintage TV shows, free jazz, noise, dub, drum ‘n’ bass, dubstep, musak, metal and more. Their music shifts from lush synth-drenched sculptures to tight hooks and loose grooves, robust scratching and liberated improvising.

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