Iron Bot | Naxeex | SUPERNOVA Android Gameplay HD

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Trying out all robots. Wild chase with choppers. All robots.
BFG supernova shoot out. And much more. Mad Max mask.

Link for free download from Google Play:

About the game:
Big beautiful sci-fi city of the future is waiting for your help!
Complete quests and earn gems – fight computer viruses, carry cargo, check and repair equipment or just take part in racing!
Change your mech in the store: police car, cool formula car or amazing flying future fighter instead of heavy truck!
And choose your armament: bullets, lasers or grenades. And that’s not all!
Old distant mineral extraction station, uninhabited by man. There is only the system of machines and you're the biggest one of them, real indestructible multitool.
Take on control grand iron hero and save the technic city. Start the fun with our unusual super simulator game!
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