Is Siren Head an SCP? | [REDACTED] SCP Podcast Ep. #7

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Today Joe and K discuss the age old question Is Sirenhead an SCP? The answer to that question just might surprise you! In addition to Sirenhead they discuss other Trevor Henderson works such as Big Charlie and The Cartoon Cat.

Sirenhead, Bridge Worm, Big Charlie, and The Cartoon Cat are all creations of Trevor Henderson.
Trevor Henderson's work can be found on his tumblr.

► SCPs Discussed -
00:00 Introduction
01:45 Sirenhead Controversy
10:59 SCP-5987 Sirenhead
19:36 SCP-4158 Big Charlie The Big Cow
30:21 Bridge Worm
33:43 The Cartoon Cat
38:35 Wrap Up

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