Josh Jacobs and Jon Gruden’s Diverse Run Game | Film Room

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In my latest video breakdown, I took a deep dive into Josh Jacobs' 2019 season tracking his 243 carries with the Raiders. The major thing I learned about Jacobs was just how incredible he is at breaking tackles and how good he is at setting up his blocks. Jacobs is incredible at both of these. He had more broken tackles per attempt than any running back with equivalent volumes. As I mentioned in this video, if he gets more volume in the passing game, he could easily finish as a Top 5 running back in any sort of Half PPR or Full PPR leagues. I think Gruden will get him more involved in the passing game on designed plays and potentially on choice routes as they fit his offense perfectly. Jacobs definitely has the skill set for it.

This video is almost 12 minutes long. So sit back, relax, and I hope you enjoy it!

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