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Al-Cream all our opponents Slow-ly to show I'm the King of OU. Hope you enjoy Kee Berry Alcremie in the Pokemon Showdown Sword and Shield OU tier! :)

Team Importable:

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Episode 001:

Alcremie was the Pokemon of choice to build around. It is a fantastic Calm Mind user so I wanted to build a set that can really utilize the bulk it has to effectively set up. Kee Berry raises your Defense by 1 stage when hit with a physical attack, while Calm Mind can boost your Special Attack and Speed. This is incredibly useful for Stored Power, but Draining Kiss is a very spammable move on a variety of Pokemon. Slowking is a nice Regenerator pivot while Umbreon keeps the team healthy and also destroys physical attacking setup sweepers. Melmetal is an amazing Steel type that is great paired with Future Sight to pressure common switch-ins. Salamence is back once again because I've realized it is an amazing Defog user that deals with so many Pokemon like Cinderace, Rillaboom, Kartana, and much more. Finally Rhyperior is there for Stealth Rocks and a response to Zapdos, Volcarona, Moltres, and many other Pokemon.

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Music: 'Life Goes On' (Remix) from Persona 5

00:00 Introduction and Team Breakdown
04:27 A Perfect Example Of Kee Berry Alcremie
16:14 Our Opponent Had A Very Scary Team
22:27 This Was A Pretty Crazy Game Overall
37:52 Don't Set Up Physical Attackers Vs. Umbreon

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