Minecraft Steve FUNNY ANIMATIONS in Smash Bros Ultimate (Drowning, Dizzy, Sleeping, Star KO, & More)

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Here is a compilation of a bunch of various funny animations for Minecraft Steve in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Some of the animations in this video is the Sleeping, Dizzy, Swimming, Drowning, Star KO, Sceen KO, Victory Screens, Final Smashes, Death Animations, Hammer Animations, Superspicy Curry Animations, Glitches, and much much more!

0:00 Intro
0:07 Battle Entrance
0:12 Swimming Drowning
0:23 Dizzy Animation
0:34 Sleeping Animation
0:42 Star KO
0:47 Screen KOs
0:59 Stamina KO
1:04 Balancing Animation
1:08 Ledge Hanging Animation
1:15 Crowd Cheer/Chants
1:47 Focus Punch
1:52 Baseball Bat Animation
2:00 Superspicy Curry
2:11 Eating Animation
2:17 Running Into A Wall
2:20 Riding A Bus
2:28 Special Flag Animation
2:33 Climbing a ladder
2:36 Boxing Ring Titles
2:46 Buried Animation (Face Up)
2:51 Buried Animation (Face Down)
2:55 Hammer Animation
3:06 Poison Face
3:11 Kamikazee Reaction
3:19 A Bunch Of Final Smashes
4:57 Christmas Present
5:03 Isabelle Net Glitch
5:10 Wario's Mouth Glitch
5:17 Steve's Taunts
5:23 Perfect Shield Animation
5:28 Kirby Hat
5:57 Ditto Transformation
6:18 No Contest/All Costumes
6:24 Victory Themes
6:44 Palutena's Guidance
6:59 Leaving Animation


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