OSRS Modcast (Q&A) November 12th - Mod Ash back on stream, Soul Wars, and Leagues!

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Leagues II – Trailblazer: it’s Old School like you’ve never seen it before! ????

Start in Misthalin, complete tasks, and use League Points to forge your own path across Gielinor. That Dragon trophy is as good as yours!

0:00 - Intro
0:28 - Announcements
1:48 - How is everyone?
4:48 - What did everyone get up to the past week?
7:04 - Mod Ash's return
10:42 - Mod Sween updates
11:30 - Any updates on the plan to increase blood rune supply?
12:16 - When is the next Gazette being published?
12:44 - Can we get more information on the skulled effect at Revs?
14:07 - When is the poll 73 stuff coming?
15:00 - When will Soul Wars and the other polled minigames stuff be released?
17:25 - When will you be talking about Fishing Skill Boss again?
18:40 - How would you compare the success of this League to Deadman?
22:48 - How is Clans development coming along?
26:22 - Why were the Elder Chaos Robes left out of the boosted drops?
29:55 - What are your current plans to revive multi pvp?
32:45 - Can Thammaron's sceptre finally be given its own unique spell?
35:20 - What are your thoughts on a “Prestige” or Routed version of League similar to this one?
39:13 - Mod Husky addresses Leagues' hot topics.
44:15 - When is the update for Clue Scrolls on Leagues happening?
45:28 - Any plans to graphically update places?
51:42 - Why has Vannaka never received a quest?
54:37 - Is it too late to start Leagues now?
55:54 - Is it possible to get a buff to lower-end enchanted bolts?
58:24 - Are there gonna be some announcements for upcoming updates next year?
59:30 - Has certain regions being less popular made you think about updating those zones in the future?
1:02:08 - Do you think this league will increase the burnout rate for players when they go back to playing the normal game?
1:04:43 - Mod Sween League stats
1:07:33 - Wrap up

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