Pekora plays horror game Emily Wants to Play in VR, gets scared at everything and screams nonstop

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Jumpscare list is at the bottom. Only use it if you're really a scared cat. It ruins the fun
Translator notes: Katagiri Hairi is a famous Japanese actor. Pekora thinks the doll looks like her, so she always calls her Hairi.
A lot of people helped me in the making of this video, most especially, Waf. While I was working on Nijisanji translation, he went ahead and translated much of the video for me in advance. I also received help from a few people, like CodeSak, Yosh, and Toufu.

A big shout out to Shrimpy as well, who created the Pekora arrow for this video. That was awesome honestly.
JUMPSCARE LIST: everyone in the premiere voted that those watching should also suffer. After a long ruling, I decided this shall be the case. So no jumpscare list at all
I record all my translation mistakes in a document and hope to improve from them. Please check it if you are interested.
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