PHANTASY STAR ONLINE 2 | The Most Absurd Action RPG Boss Battles?!

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Full gameplay overview and boss combat breakdown for the action RPG Phantasy Star Online 2.
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Phantasy Star Online 2 is available free to play on Steam, Windows 10, and Xbox One.

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This video features paid promotion from Sega, to cover Phantasy Star Online 2.

Background music used in this is from the Phantasy Star Online 2 soundtrack.
Grossly Legs ~ Dark Ragne
Vanishing Sword ~ Quartz Dragon
Colossal Machinery ~ Big Varder

00:00 PSO2 Intro
00:40 Starting Out
01:09 Boss Mechanics & Combat
02:08 Hypothetical Boss Sketch
02:56 Boss Design
04:01 Raw Gameplay
04:15 Character Classes & Races
05:15 Progression & Community
06:58 PVP, Story Mode, & Episode 5
07:24 Conclusion

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