SCP Containment Breach - My Experience - Part 2 - Those freaks are teamworking. x.x

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I'm a bad human. :(

Part 2 is here. This you know a food you really HATE the taste, but you wanna eat anyway? That is me playing this game. I wanna go further, but those random bugs are making me sick. lmao

But yeah, enjoy this trip. I'm pretty sure I did a mistake through the gameplay. xd

Discord server:

- Bad Waters
- Running Errands
- Alice Wade
Resident Evil 2 Remake - Mister X theme
Earthbound - Battle against an unsettling enemy
Earthbound - Guardian Sanctuary (meme HOW song)
Kevin Mcleod - Scheming Weasel Faster
Ao Oni - Suspense theme
Ao Oni - Chase Theme
The Evil Within 2 - Spotted
Super Metroid Snes - Item room
Unreal - Crater 2

I'm probably forgetting something, as always. I'll fill it up eventually.
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