SCP Secret Laboratory: The Vibing Guard

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This video is legit just me vibing as a guard which some how makes me immortal. I hope you enjoy!

This video is on the Free game on steam SCP Secret Laboratory, Scopophobia Edition. It is a game based off of the original (SCP Containment Breach) where there are 4 classes with specific roles.

Channel Discord:

If you enjoy my videos show them some support and I will make more.

If there is a specific game you would like me to check out leave it in a comment and I might play it and/or make a video on it.

I hope you enjoy the video and make sure to watch to the end for the BEST Parts!

Get The Game Here!

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Here is some information and the discord of the server and community I enjoy playing with:

King's Playground is a multi-gaming community which provides a fun family community. Within their server they play several different games which you would be able to join VC's and join others.

It is honestly a great community and has some of the nicest best relatable staff I have ever met. Please read the server rules before joining in a round on the SCP SL servers!

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