SCP SL: Shy Guys Glitchaphobia

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This video is on some of the newest glitches that apply to Shy Guy with the most recent update to SCP SL Scopophobia. In my opinion the AHP bug is on par with anti cheat cause at least with anti cheat there were ways to try to avoid it. With the AHP glitch it just happens and there is nothing you can do about it. On top of that PC gets stuck at places now and can't do anything, even when despawned and respawned. I really hope a bug fix update comes out soon cause it's significantly ruining the SCP team.

This video is on the Free game on steam SCP Secret Laboratory. The Beta Released recently to the public and is the current version that I play on. It is a game based off of the original (SCP Containment Breach) where there are 4 classes with specific roles.

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Here is some information and the discord of the server and community I enjoy playing with:

King's Playground is a multi-gaming community which provides a fun family community. Within their server they play several different games which you would be able to join VC's and join others.

It is honestly a great community and has some of the nicest best relatable staff I have ever met. Please read the server rules before joining in a round on the SCP SL servers!

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