Soft Spoken Ramble [Killing Stalking Discussion] ASMR

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This is my first series discussion, I will try harder next time to me more organized with my thoughts

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Let us all just ignore the horrible mark on my semi existent jaw line. Well I have finally decided to create a series where I discuss manga, manhwa, or webtoons that I like. In 2020 I really got into reading manga more so than watching actual anime. Being able to talk about different series with people who share a common interest is something I've wanted to do for a long time as I don't really have anyone in my real life to talk to. I know this isn't the typical ASMR video, but I guess I never really was a typical ASMR channel to begin with. Anyways I hope some of you stick around and enjoy the random discussions I have with myself lol, as always I hope you all have a good morning, good evening, and good night :)
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