Space Engineers Inspiration - E246: Battleship Majesty, SBV Redemption CV-701, & AUROS INFINITY

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/////// Series Description \\\\\\\
Welcome to the Space Engineers Inspiration series!! I'm basically going to be picking out random ships/maps that I just find really awesome or impressive & doing walkthrough/showcase kind of thing to show all of you some of the really crazy stuff the community has done! There will always be links to the download page along with the author's name so that you can check them out yourself too.

Check out the Space Engineers Inspiration Series Collection where you can see builds featured throughout the entire series:

/////// This Episode's Links \\\\\\\

0:13 - Heavy Battleship - Majesty by Argent:

22:08 - SBV Redemption CV-701 by LT. CMDR Storm:

35:40 - AUROS INFINITY by arturkandla:

NOTE: These are in no way shape or form connected to ME. I had NO hand in making these I'm just showcasing them, they are totally someone else's work!

/////// Get Space Engineers \\\\\\\
You can get the game from its website below or from Steam
Space Engineers Website:

/////// Disclaimer \\\\\\\
Space Engineers is property of Keen Software House
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