Street Fighter V CE Poison vs Sakura PC Mod #2

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It is now March and it lands on a Monday. So that means new week and new videos. Poison is in the Byleth female mod from the Fire Emblem series. She takes on Sakura back in the Chaotic Evil mod and this is the default variant. Remember, I do not make mods as I find them online and try to have cool battles with them. This fight was done on level 8 difficulty and it took me a few tries to get. Problem is that Sakura did not do her CA here. She did her CA in the other versions I recorded. I ended up uploading this version because it went 4 minutes and was a nail biting 3rd round too. Thats all there is to say about this one. The month of February didn't go so well for me in terms of revenue. Just have to regroup and keep on bringing content for you guys to watch. Just sucks when videos get dinged out of nowhere. Anyways, please enjoy this fight and have a great day!

Poison as Byleth Female mod:

Sakura Chaotic Evil mod:

Fewer Gimmicks stage mod:
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