SUZANNE MORPHEW... Searched River and a Mine Today! (Update)

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We went to Salida, Colorado in search of Suzanne Morphew, 49, who was reported missing on May 10, 2020 – Mother’s Day. Today's Livestream will provide a brief overview of our search efforts and why we had to leave early because the safety team felt our lives were in danger.

Full video out Sunday 11/01/2020

Natalie Tysdal YouTube:

The search for Suzanne Morphew - update on water search

The water search for Suzanne Morphew

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Adventures with purpose is on a cross-country journey to help bring resolution to families seeking answers in where their missing loved ones maybe.

The search for Suzanne was kept a secret for we knew there may be a risk to our team being in the area. We are now out of the area and safely on our way home to the Pacific Northwest.

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