The Avengers Game is Already DOOMED!

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What a huge shock that such a high budget game has already had players quit, but shouldnt we have seen this coming? Lets talk about that.

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Avengers is now starting to dip below 1,000 players on Steam, causing similar issues to what we saw with Anthem back in the day, in that it’s becoming hard for players to find each other for matchmade activities in a game that is fundamentally all matchmade activities. On PC especially where the playerbase is so low this problem gets more pronounced when you have something like 50 different War Table missions available in a given day, so finding a team is increasingly difficult. It also does not help that the game mandates that all four players be a different hero, extending matchmaking times further. On PC, some players are reporting sitting around for 30 minutes or so waiting for matches, if they ever find them. On PS4, the largest platform, I’ve found that usually even with imminently important missions like daily resetting villain sectors. In this video Draemcastguy rants about Live Server games and Games as A Service projects and why they fail. Now we are learning that Marlve's Avengers is doomed before Spider-man can even come to the PS4 and PS5 versions of the game.
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