The End Of Ex Machina Explained

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Alex Garland's Sci-Fi thriller Ex Machina has quickly become a modern classic. Now that it's been out for a handful of years and we've had the benefit of repeated views we can properly unpack the film and explore its thought-provoking ending. But be warned: major spoilers are ahead.

Ex Machina tells the story of a computer programmer named Caleb. Caleb wins a contest to spend a week visiting the remote and mysterious estate of his company's reclusive CEO, Nathan. Caleb quickly learns that this is no simple vacation. He has actually been selected by Nathan to interact with an android named Ava, and it's his job to evaluate whether or not her is truly sentient.

Within days of his arrival, Caleb finds himself becoming attracted to Ava, and he believes that she truly wants to have a meaningful relationship with him.

Caleb then grows increasingly uncomfortable with how Nathan treats Ava. He also discovers that Nathan's assistant, Kyoko, is an android as well, and that Nathan has mistreated her and numerous other prototypes.

Eventually, Caleb learns that Nathan is planning to destroy Ava once all the tests are complete. Or, at the very least, he will reformat her mind, which is going to erase the memories of the time she spent with Caleb.

In order to prevent Nathan from destroying Ava, Caleb decides to set her free. Then, the two of them can escape and start a life together. Keep watching the video to see the end of Ex Machina explained!

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In the beginning | 0:00
Ava passes, Caleb fails | 1:14
After the escape | 2:30
A story about endings | 3:51
A story about us | 5:13
Did Caleb have to die? | 6:09
Ava in Wonderland | 7:29
Adam and Ava | 8:48
Questions and answers | 9:56

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