The GTA 6 Map Leaked... And It's HUGE - But Is It REAL or FAKE? (GTA 6 Project Americas)

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Did the GTA 6 Map Leak in 2018?

1985 Twitter (OG GTA 6 Map Leak):
GTA 6 Map Reddit:


So called "GTA 6 leaks" are most of the time fake. However, every now and again a GTA VI leak pops up that causes fans to scratch their heads. This GTA 6 map leak is one of those. In December 2018, two images of an alleged GTA 6 map appeared on a mysterious Twitter account @1985. These GTA VI map images detail Vice City and a few other unnamed islands. For the last year and 10 months I've personally wrote this off as a fake. Until a few days ago when an updated version of this almost two year old GTA 6 map appeared online. This time around, we can't prove if this map leak for GTA 6 is real or fake. But it's rather interesting. If this does prove to be true then it would be the second time a Rockstar Games map has leaked, the first being Red Dead Redemption 2 in April 2016 six months before the game was even announced.

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