The Simpsons Predicted ALL OF 2020 (Election Donald Trump Joe Biden)

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The Simpsons have predicted many eerie real life events years before people could even think of such a thing happening. Watch to see how the simpsons predicted all of 2020!

Okay, we all know the Simpsons is a classic in American television and has become a major part of pop culture. The quotable quotes, the unique characters, the hilarious storylines—we all know the brilliance of The Simpsons. Well, did you know that the Simpsons are also… PSYCHIC? What?! Yes, friends, we’re convinced the Simpsons had the power to predict the hellhole that is 2020, and we’re here today to tell you why. As we know, this year has been anything but predictable, and it definitely feels like we’re in a weird dream sequence. But The Simpsons predicted this would happen, and it’s scary how much they got right. Before we dive into the mysteries and wonders of their psychic ways, go ahead and click subscribe and ring that notification bell so you will never miss out on our future videos. And give this video a thumbs up because we’re about to blow your mind. Here we go!

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This video is about The Simpsons Predictions that came true and how they predicted all of 2020 and 2021. Watch all of the predictions that came true confirming that the Simpsons creators must be from the future!
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