Theater Latté Da Online Benefit

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Thank you for joining us for Theater Latté Da's Online Benefit, an evening dedicated to a bright, enduring future of new, adventurous musical theatre in the Twin Cities and beyond. Raise a glass and support Theater Latté Da's future of new works during NEXT Up, in the 2020-2021 season. 100% of the funds raised will go directly into the hands of theater artists. The event raises crucial funds to support NEXT Up, Theater Latté Da’s intensive new works laboratory launched in May 2020. We hope you enjoy this evening's performances.

The event is produced by the creative team of Peter Rothstein, Denise Prosek, and Kelli Foster Warder. This event is filled with special appearances by your favorite Theater Latté Da artists, including:

Sasha Andreev, Greg Angel, Cat Brindisi, Dorian Brooke, Corissa Bussian, David Darrow, Jay Owen
Eisenberg, Jendeen Forberg, Jason Hansen, JuCoby Johnson, Michelle de Joya, Jaclyn Juola, Ryan Lee, Crystal Manich, Ann Michels, Nora Montañez, Rodolfo Nieto, Sara Ochs, Britta Ollmann, Tod Petersen, Dan Piering, T. Mychael Rambo, Jon-Michael Reese, Matt Riehle, Maureen Sherman-Mendez, André Shoals, Martín Solá, Elly Stahlke, Jessica Staples, Kate Sutton-Johnson, Sonja Thompson, Alejandro Vega, Regina Marie Williams, Sally Wingert, David Young, and Joserra Zúñiga

Video production by Mind the Mind Productions and Wells Film and Photo
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