Top 5 SCP Horror Theories

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Top 5 SCP Horror Theories
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Light your candles, put on some spooky music, and grab a big ole bucket of Halloween candy, because we’re about to get really spooky. SCPs are well-known for being pretty creepy and disturbing, but most of the stuff we discuss here has to do with actual entries. Today, we’re going to read between the lines and hope to get to the bottom of some Foundation mysteries. There are so many conflicting tales and accounts that it’s impossible to prove a theory right or wrong, but we’re going to do our best anyways. Some theories might be ridiculous, others might be so obvious they hurt.
Regardless of veracity or likelihood, let’s talk about some horror theories. Today on Top 5 Scary Videos, we bring you our list of the Top 5 SCP Horror Theories.

Top 5 SCP Horror Movies

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