Use Carl bot Reaction Roles to easily setup Discord Reaction Roles

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Easily setup Discord Server Reaction Roles with Carl bot Reaction Roles!

This "How to Discord" video on Reaction Roles will show you how to easily use Carl bot's reaction roles feature to create your own reaction roles in your Discord server.

Carl bot is a Reaction Roles Discord bot with many useful features to help with your Discord server setup with. Carl bot is a Discord bot, and one of the best Discord bots and a definite must have for your Discord server setup. Plus it has the easiest way to setup reaction roles in your Discord server of all the other Discord reaction role bots out there!

This Discord tutorial on Carl bot Reaction Roles cover:

00:00 - Let's get started!
00:28 - What are reaction roles
01:00 - Carl bot Discord Server Setup
01:55 - Enable Carl bot Reaction roles
02:43 - Create a new Reaction Roles with Carl Bot
06:10 - Discord Reaction Roles via CLI
06:52 - Edit Reaction Roles messages
07:07 - Edit / Replace Reaction Roles emojis

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