We Got Classified Evidence About Our Stalker!

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Once the team is back at the studio, it's time to see if "John Doe" was holding out on them and see exactly what's in the case that was left at the drop location. After looking for clues in the email, and finally popping it open, they are rewarded for their efforts with a piece of evidence that finally seems like a light at the end of the tunnel, that finally seems like a guild in order to paint a clearer picture of Syntec and Syphus. And with this knowledge, the question now becomes: what next?

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00:00 - Recap from previous videos as well as a sneak peak at what's to come.
00:46 - Smaller Recap -
Driving back to the studio from the drop site, the team recaps a little about how they can handle the case that they picked up and how it might connect to everything they've found so far.
04:18 - The SD Card -
There's a little bit of levity between the team, before the conversation goes back to the Apple 2 and what happened when Matt poked further into it.
07:13 - Back Home -
Once back in the studio, the team settles back in a little, as well as flexes on the fans with another appearance from the new Mega Desk.
08:56 - Time To Decrypt! -
With some techniques in mind, the team now goes to work to see if there truly was anything funny about the email that "John Doe" sent them.
12:49 - We Cracked It -
After finding out what the email is trying to tell them, it's time to see if their findings will indeed open the drop box.
15:25 - Aaaaand, She's Open -
The code indeed works and the box is indeed open, and it opens up more discussions amongst the team as well as they get the first taste of what's inside.
17:14 - Let's Go Through It -
Matthias starts to go through the case and picks everything out, one by one, to investigate it with the rest of the team.
21:07 - An Article? -
Perhaps the most important piece of evidence they could get is an old, scanned news article. As they read it, it just seems to give more and more answers to some of their burning questions. It also gives a little sneak peak on who this Stalker could be.
25:46 - What Did That Mean? -
After reading the article itself, fully, the team takes time to discuss what it could all means and how all of this evidence relates to them.
27:30 - You Want Us To Do WHAT? -
"John Doe" seems to to have a request for the team, something they didn't agree to when they last had contact with them.
31:34 - NEXT TIME -

M-Vlog Team:
Woodland Demars
Samantha Fekete
Shenelle Trujillo
Quinn Fulmer
Michael Badal

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