Who Was In the HOLOGRAM At the End of Bad Batch Episode 6? - Star Wars: Bad Batch Ending Explained

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After fighting alongside the Bad Batch against a horde of police droids, in order to obtain the head of a tactical droid, Trace and Raffa Martez return to their ship, The Silver Angel, where they have Ahsoka’s loyal astromech R7-a7 on board. They use the little astromech to begin a hologram communication with a mysterious Robed figure who claims to be fighting against the Empire? So who is Trace and Raffa’s contact? Lets break down all the possibilities.

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So to start off the most obvious and probably most likely option is Senator Bail Organa. Bail Organa served as the senator for Alderaan in the Republic senate all the way up to the creation of the Empire, where he continued serving in the new Imperial senate. We already know that Trace and Raffa’s contact is, according to them, someone who wants to help fight back against the Empire to make the galaxy a better place. At this point in the Empire, there are not too many people who are fully against the Empire yet, as you have to remember, the Empire was literally the Republic not too long ago, and were the ones who managed to put an end to the untold suffering and terror of the Clone Wars.

We know thanks to the deleted scenes of Revenge of the Sith and the brand new Reference books that Bail Organa, along with Padme and Mon Motha set up a meeting to begin forming the roots of the Rebellion. At this meeting, they began to discuss what they could do to fight back against Palpatine after he refused to hand back the emergency powers given to him throughout the clone wars. They couldn’t even speak the words out loud this time because of the huge risk on their heads. So there aren’t many people in the fight at this point, and bail is one of them. This then leads us to the next hint towards Bail organa, which is his robe. The robe that the man in the hologram is wearing looks like a traditional Alderaanian robe, which is of course where Bail comes from, and has some striking similarities to the Robe that Bail Organa wore in Revenge of the Sith. As you can see on screen now, the patterns match up pretty closely to Bail’s garb.

Overall, I’d say he’s the most likely choice, but there definitely are others it could be.

After that we have the possibility that the mysterious robed figure is Ahsoka Tano. This is one is unlikely given what we know, but is still possible.

When the martez sisters began the call with the robed figure, they did say “patch him through”, pointing towards it being a male, but if we look back at Star Wars Rebels, when Ahsoka was acting as a fulcrum agent, Hera and the others believed that Fulcrum was a male. Now, if this does happen to be Ahsoka on the other end of the transmission, it would be yet another retcon to the Ahsoka Novel. The Ahsoka novel at this point in the timeline pretty much has her hiding out on the planet Thabeska, working for the Fardi Clan as a mechanic, up until she is forced to move to Raada after getting spooked by some imperial attention on the planet. After starting an uprising there, she eventually gets the attention of Bail Organa, who employs her as a spy for the Rebellion, under the name Fulcrum. The only problem is that most of these events happen after a year of Imperial rule. There’s no way a year has passed yet in the Bad Batch series, so it would be another retcon.

Many people have also said that because R7-a7, Ahsoka’s astromech is the one delivering the message, it must be related to her. This could be true, but it could also be that she just gifted R7 to the Martez sisters, after recovering and repairing him following the Venator Crash, we did see the Astromech with Rex at the Clone Graveyard, so Ahsoka definitely wanted to repair him and put him back to good use.

So overall, I don’t think it will be Ahsokak, but it can’t be ruled out with certainty.

Next up we have another very possible choice and one that would make a lot of sense given the context of the show. That is captain rex.
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