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"HUGE" is the THEME of this episode of YOUTUBE GOLD!! The boys are hard at work at the mine and upon the advice of the geologist from episode 13, we continue to dig away at the giant boulders that are blocking our way - to what we hope is a true Honey Hole of BIG GOLD! We have to get creative, as blasting in out area is completely illegal .. and would risk shutting down the mine site completely. Brute force and true grit are needed to push - rather PULL through to get to the pockets of gold that COULD be at the bottom of these rocks! Our season is slowly coming to a and the mine site is in deep debt. We haven't been pulling enough to even cover the cost of the beer these guys but hopefully our luck will change - and we can finally get a decent clean out. Our fingers are crossed, and our beers are almost come on GODS OF SHINE DOWN THJY LIGHT OF GOOD FORTUNE to US!

Viewers have been asking where we get our High Vis Sun Shields for our they are : 2 Pack Hard Hat Mesh Neck Shield with Safety High Visibility Reflective Stripe, Yellow, Orange

Hard Hat Sun Shield, UV Protection Full Brim Mesh Neck Sun Shade Protector

I'm sure in todays episode there will be plenty of beer consumed, and plenty of Radio Controlled debauchery, not to mention a great group of fellas that are here to experience something that is offered no where else in the world but here.

(Viewers have asked, so here' s answer: my Sunglasses are Oakley Clifden Prizm Snow Torch 56mm : )

For those who are interested in the Gold Mining hobby/ business - I gathered some helpful links for you below:

- Gold Trommels and Sluice Run!

BATTERY BOX w/ Volt Meter for RV Battery:

GOLD WHEEL- Desert Fox Automatic Gold Panning Machine (Blue):

11 pc Prospecting-Mining-Panning Kit- 2- Classifiers 3 Gold Pans,+ MORE!!

Goldn Gold Paydirt Eureka Panning Pay Dirt Bag – Gold Prospecting Concentrate : by GoldnEmpire:

Mammoth 'Troy Ounce Nugget Hunt' - Gold Nugget Paydirt Panning Concentrate Pay Dirt Bag - Gold Prospecting
by Mammoth Paydirt:

2 lb California Paydirt Panning Gold Nugget Bag
by mikesgoldpaydirt:

As a side

For those who are new viewers to our YouTube GOLD show - know this: "YouTube GOLD" is a #Parody series based around the GOLD Shows of TV that we all know and love. #GoldRush YukonGold, BeringSeaGold all of these are shows that my friend and family enjoy seeing!

The true secret of this show - is nothing you see is "real", Most everything is staged, such as scenarios, acting out our characters, In fact, we are not even working for efficiency, as we are a group of hobbyists who are more interested in entertaining our audience and using super cool radio control hobby than "actually getting gold". A few of the things that are not staged is our friendship, the laughter, camaraderie, and of THE GOLD! (Yes, it's real pay dirt). The true Gold is the experience we get as friends, what we hope the viewers get watching a group of goofballs entertain them with some very cool toys and overly dramatic, bad acting. One mans hobby, is another's entertainment on YouTube!

Tamiya Ford AeroMax Semi Truck Kit:

Tamiya King Hauler Kit (Short Truck) :

Tamiya Freightliner Cascadia Evolution Semi Truck Kit:

Tamiya Flatbed Semi Trailer:
Tamiya 3 Axle Reefer Trailer Kit:

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