[ZA BANK Review] Is ZA Bank Safe? | Win $120K! | Invitation Code KE7BL3

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1. Download ZA bank mobile app:

2. Sign up and enter invitation code "KE7BL3"
3. Enjoy 2% Bonus interest
4. You'll got your referral code and share it with your friends and family. For each person you refer, you get $200.
5. Go to Promotions
6. Select "one step sign up" of cash payout scheme
7. Confirm phone number and account number
8. Consent to terms and conditions
9. Done and wait for the receipt of HK government $10000 handout as early as 7/8/2020
10. Enter total $170K Lucky Draw and get the result on 9/9/2020 on bank web page

Whole registration process is so quick and easy!

Get a ZA Bank account with my invitation code to enjoy 1% Savings Go Annual interest rate and 2% Rate-up Coupon on time deposit:

How to apply for ZA Bank Account Tutorial:

How to get HK$10000 Handout?

You will have a chance to win $120,000 alone by registration of Cash Payout Scheme and get the $10,000 cash payout via ZA Bank App. We will randomly select one lucky participant for $120,000 cash reward! There will be another 5 lucky participants for $10,000 cash reward each. Lucky Draw will be operated on 9th Sept 2020 and the results will be announced on the same day on this webpage. Good Luck!

Promotional Period: 21st Jun 2020 to 31st Aug 2020

*Customers who successfully open account with ZA Bank on or before 31st Aug 2020 (those who have used the invitation codes "WANT11K" or "GET300" for account opening are not eligible for this Campaign).

^This calculation is based on a 3-month HKD time deposit of HKD80,000. The time deposit base rate is while the rate-up coupon is They are subject to change as per prevailing market conditions.

Register with ZA Bank to receive money faster:
ZA Bank is the only virtual bank that supports the government's cash distribution plan, and its current and fixed deposits are also protected by the Hong Kong Deposit Protection Plan. Since ZhongAn only provides electronic registration services, as long as customers submit electronic registration applications for the program within a specified time, they can receive the government's HK$10,000 faster than submitting physical forms.

Also, registering with ZA Bank has the following advantages comparing to submitting physical forms:
1. Prevent Covid-19 face to face contact with physical bankers, post officers, administrators, etc.
2. Prevent the fact that checks maybe overdue and not cashed or voided, if the cheque is not cashed or deposited in the bank within the validity period six months, it will be regarded as giving up the right to receive money under the cash distribution plan.
3. Prevent missed collection box or delayed collection

HKSAR Cash Payout Scheme started registration on Father's Day on June 21 (Sunday). Eligibility criteria: Hong Kong permanent residents aged 18 or above. Electronic registration is quick. Register using ZA Bank App and Online Banking to receive your Government HKD10,000 payout and you can receive your money as early as July 8, 2020. Registration starts on June 21, 2020 and is open to all ZA Bank active sole-name account holders. The deadline for the cash distribution plan is December 31 next year.

Hong Kong’s banking sector enters new era as ZA Bank becomes the city’s first virtual lender to launch services. ZA Bank accepts US dollar and yuan time deposits ranging from one, three, six and 12 months, with interest rates ranging from per cent to per cent.

As HKMA’s rules bar virtual banks from operating physical branches, only allowing them to offer services through mobile and online apps for customers, analysts say this will create new possibilities for fintech, leading to innovative products and services. The freedom to operate without a bricks-and-mortar presence means they can save on operating costs, use fewer employees and focus on operational efficiency.

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